New Capabilities of the Silent Voicemail for Mobile Devices

Silent voicemail for mobile devices is a relatively new technology in the industry, and it’s making waves as the next big thing. Why? Because it allows you to leave a message for a customer without actually interrupting their life. It will simply show up in their voicemail box, where they can listen to it at their convenience.

Let’s talk about what makes this new technology great for you and your customers.


The FCC has strict regulations about how, when, and how often you can contact your customers, and these regulations are meant to protect your customers from being harassed. That being said, most customers want to know when there’s a problem with one of their accounts.

The silent voicemail allows you to let them know that you called without taking away precious time from their routines. They can listen to the message when they want to and call you back when they have a moment. This is a great soft contact approach that can be very successful.


In addition to being non-intrusive, the silent voicemail technique for mobile devices helps to maintain the privacy of your customers. They don’t have to answer the phone in public and try to find a more private place to speak, and they don’t have to discuss potentially sensitive information in a place they’re not comfortable. Instead, they can call back at a more convenient time when they’ll be more willing to discuss the details of their account in private.

Not only will this improve your agent productivity, but it will also improve the quality of service and enhance your ability to achieve the desired results.


The job of your associates is much easier when they have a positive relationship with your customers. The silent voicemail for mobile devices lets your customers know that you care about their time, privacy, and convenience and makes them more willing to speak with you when the time comes. Customers really do want to know when there’s something going on with their accounts, and they’ll likely call back to get more information and/or remedy the problem.

But it all starts with that first interaction. When it’s positive, courteous, and convenient for the customer, you’re more likely to get positive results.

Silent Voicemail Uses

silent voicemailsThe silent voicemail for mobile devices technology is a great way to contact your customers while still investing in a positive relationship with them. The cost per message is quite low compared to other methods of contact, including having your agents leave voice mails, and you’ll see from the results that this method is preferred among customers.

Whether you’re calling your customers to discuss a billing issue or to let them know that there’s been a change to their accounts, silent voicemail for mobile devices is an excellent form of contact.

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