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3 Big Benefits of Speech Analytics That You’re Missing Out On

Speech analytics is just one of many technologies that are quickly improving the way you do business. While many call centers have some kind of call analysis program in place, many only provide a 180-degree view of what’s going on.

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Speech Analytics Solutions

Speech Analytics for Call Centers DialConnection Speech Analytics allows you to enhance agent productivity and performance while reducing costs. As an independently PCI certified solution, Speech Analytics ensures that you remain compliant with all PCI standards by redacting sensitive data

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Reporting Metrics for Call Agent Performance

In the early days of our industry, the main reporting metrics used to track agent performance were mostly those of efficiency. We saw a lot of scores based on how many calls were made per hour, how quickly the agent

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Internal Call Center Audit Strategies for Collection Agencies

Conducting an audit on your call center is an important part of ensuring your agents and your company’s processes and procedures are compliant at all times. Given the thousands you’ll spend in legal fees each year without this integral process,

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3 Ways that an Integrated Call Center Solution Increases Efficiency

Most companies source software solutions from multiple vendors to manage call center operations so they can get the best product for each job. The challenge is selecting solutions that can be integrated together so data is easily shared between each

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Choosing the Best Contact Center Solution for your Billing and Collection Business

Finding the best contact center solution for your billing and collections business isn’t the easiest task. So what should you look for in the ideal contact center solution for your business? There are two key vendor capabilities that we suggest

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How a Tailored Contact Center Solution Can Drive Call Center Profitability

Every contact center is unique. That’s one reason operating a call center can be expensive. You can’t effectively run your contact center without the right people, and you certainly can’t run it efficiently without the right tools. You need the

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