What Does the PCI DSS 3.2 Early Release Mean for the Future?

The SSC recently announced that the latest PCI DSS revision release would be moved up. Instead of being released in November on the three-year cycle, as it has been in the past, revisions will now come out much faster and

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3 Ways Agencies are Using Speech Analytics to Stay Ahead of the Competition

Speech analytics software has been available for use in commercial industries for almost 15 years. But in reality, it’s more likely that only about 25% of organizations are using speech analytics solutions. And according to an article from Smart Customer

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Better Systems & Processes Lead to Fewer Consumer Complaints About Debt Collectors in 2015

According to the September 2015 article “Data Shows a Double-Digit Decline in Debt Collection Complaints” from ACA International, the overall number of complaints against collection agencies by consumers is in decline. In fact, the article stated that, contrary to popular

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3 Big Benefits of Speech Analytics That You’re Missing Out On

Speech analytics is just one of many technologies that are quickly improving the way you do business. While many call centers have some kind of call analysis program in place, many only provide a 180-degree view of what’s going on.

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Speech Analytics Solutions

Speech Analytics for Call Centers DialConnection Speech Analytics allows you to enhance agent productivity and performance while reducing costs. As an independently PCI certified solution, Speech Analytics ensures that you remain compliant with all PCI standards by redacting sensitive data

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Reporting Metrics for Call Agent Performance

In the early days of our industry, the main reporting metrics used to track agent performance were mostly those of efficiency. We saw a lot of scores based on how many calls were made per hour, how quickly the agent

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Debt Collection Agencies’ Role in the US Economy

There are three main spokes on the financial industry wheel: consumers, creditors, and debt collectors. And each of these branches plays an integral role. Consumers rely on available credit to access services and goods they might not otherwise be able

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CFPB Recommendations for Data Automation

The goal of the Credit Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is to protect consumers against unfair treatment by banks, securities firms, credit unions, debt collectors, and other US financial institutions. As part of their goal, the CFPB has constantly aimed to

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Stress Management

When it comes to running a contact center, one of the biggest challenges many face is attrition. Attrition, or employee loss, is incredibly high in the industry, and through some research into the lives and minds of contact center agents,

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Toeing the Line with Big Data: The Boundaries According to the FTC

FTC Report on Big Data The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released its report “Big Data: A Tool for Inclusion or Exclusion?” in January 2016. Based on data from a public workshop on September 15, 2014, the commission sought to understand

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