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Speech Analytics for Call Centers

DialConnection Speech Analytics allows you to enhance agent productivity and performance while reducing costs. As an independently PCI certified solution, Speech Analytics ensures that you remain compliant with all PCI standards by redacting sensitive data from your call recordings. In addition, the solution delivers post-call analytics to help you better measure agent performance and discover trends that can improve both productivity and profitability.

Call Recording and Redaction

Call Recording and RedactionImmediately upon storing a call recording, Speech Analytics runs a redaction routine to identify and remove sensitive call data. No recordings may be accessed until the redaction process is complete. You can define your own list of sensitive words and phrases, and when one of these words or phrases is identified, DC Speech Analytics will automatically replace it in the transcript with a generic, non-sensitive term. For example, when a credit card number is spoken, the actual numbers are omitted from the call recordings. Redaction of sensitive data eliminates the possibility that agents or unauthorized users will access private or secure information during playback. Learn more about the Recording and Redaction software offered by DialConnection.

Post-Call Analytics

Post-Call AnalyticsSpeech Analytics allows for the evaluation and comparison of performance and key metrics using data visualization. By identifying and grouping contextually related words, the solution is able to spot trends and surface potential issues. There’s no limit to the number of terms that can be searched. Speech Analytics can automatically identify outliers and determine root causes through auto topic analysis. You can discover agent performance and operational trends including:

  • How effectively are agents adhering to scripts?
  • Do agents properly recite mini Miranda notices and meet other compliance requirements?
  • Are agents or customers getting agitated or excited? If so, what conditions are triggering these events?
  • What are the dominant topics people are talking about from week to week?
  • Are customers responding to your ad campaigns?

Learn more about adding Post-Call Analytics to your Speech Analytics software from DialConnection. The Speech Analytics software offers a plethora of features, including instant discovery and redaction of sensitive data fields, call volume prediction, text discovery from voice, automatic topic clustering, an agent scorecard evaluation, and free-form search capabilities. Together these features can help to consolidate your analytics and compliance processes.

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