MobileDirect is an innovative solution from DialConnection that allows organizations to reach out to a customer or account holder and silently leave a voice mail message. The user’s phone never rings, so there is no risk of interrupting the recipient at work or at home.

Enables Quick and Direct Communication with Wireless Subscribers

MobileDirect’s approach is unique in the market. Our intuitive campaign manager interface has won customer praise for its ease of use and scope of functionality. It only takes 30 minutes to set up and run your first campaign – entirely without any IT involvement. MobileDirect works seamlessly with DC Contact Center. And it works with your existing contact center solution.

Contacts Only the Specific Telephone Numbers You Provide

MobileDirect does not have a random or sequential telephone number generator. It cannot function unless provided with specific telephone numbers, and cannot store, produce or dial numbers without first being modified and technologically altered.

Requires Human Interaction to Send Every Message

Voice messages are sent only when a live agent selects a wireless subscriber's account. There is no predictive dialing function or other automated mode - only one wireless subscriber can be contacted at a time. The system allows your campaign administrator to select a single account or efficiently approve multiple accounts for contact. 


We started out using their on-premise solution, but as our company grew we deployed elements of DialConnection’s cloud solution. This hybrid environment has given us tremendous flexibility…-Diane Evans, EVP Operations at CPA

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Ask us about how MobileDirect can enhance your operations and profitability by more efficiently reaching wireless subscribers. This unique and compelling approach is unlike any other solution in the market, and can work with both DialConnection's Contact Center suite as well as with your existing contact center solution.