Call Transcription Redaction Software

Call recording and transcription is for your contact center, but you can’t overlook transcription redaction to make sure that you stay compliant.

DialConnection offers a full suite of contact center solutions for quality management, including call recording software and call redaction technology. Designed to work within your call center solution, these technologies can be easily integrated into your current system.

Call Recording and Automated Voice Transcription

When it comes to auditing your calls, you’re likely analyzing quite a few things. In addition to checking for compliance, you’re looking to audit for customer service quality and overall contact center performance monitoring. Speech-to-Text Software (STT) is an option that transcribes your call recordings into text. This is useful for both your internal and external audit strategy because it gives you verifiable data in which to see exactly how your calls are going.

Call Redaction Technology

While call recordings and automated voice transcription are both useful tools for ensuring compliance and quality control management, it’s imperative for compliance that you have call redaction software in place with your call recording solution. Call redaction removes sensitive information such as account numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and other personal contact information from the call recording so it isn’t available for future listening. This is an important part of your compliance management strategy since call redaction software is required for compliance in many industries.

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You can quickly and seamlessly integrate the call recording, automated voice transcription, and call redaction technologies into your contact center solution from DialConnection or with your existing contact center solution. Contact our team now to get started so you can see how easy it is.