A regulatory compliant enterprise messaging module that will transform the way you contact your customers.

The Possibilities Go Beyond a Simple Message

With the addition of MMS and other module advancements, Texting can now send copies of statements, stream educational videos, share right party verification and much more. All this can be done in real time, scaled to fit you needs, and integrated with any other software solution. All at a fraction of the cost for a phone call or letter.

Texting is a free-to-end-user offering that won’t cost your customers a dime — keeping the DC Contact Center Texting module 100% compliant. While text messaging is primarily used to send simple text, it can also expand your messaging capabilities to notify customers about various alerts and news.

The fact is that today's consumers prefer to receive text messages versus phone calls. It's that idea that they get to see who you are and what you want before they respond. It allows them to feel in control of the conversation, and if they don’t want to respond they can simply automatically opt out of future messages.

All of these benefits combine to contribute a greater bottom line and stay ahead of the trends in contact center communication capabilities.

Our business relies on making decisions based on data and DialConnection has always shared that vision.-Marian Sangalang, Vice President of The Bureaus, inc.

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We look forward to discussing how our Texting solution adapts to your needs to revolutionize customer contact - all while abiding by regulations and staying compliant. Learn more about the various benefits associated with Texting along with the ways your contact center can leverage the tool to stay ahead of the industry and more efficiently reach customers.