Data Analytics

Allows you to measure and compare performance over time to spot trends and reach goals through more informed and accurate decisions.

Use the Facts to Inform Your Strategy

Collecting data is sometimes a challenge. Once you’ve collected it, accessing it and developing reports can be difficult, and discerning what information is most relevant to achieving your operational objectives isn’t always clear. Then, sharing results so everyone is working from the same set of facts, including everyone within your company as well as your clients, can present another layer of complexity.

That’s where Data Analytics from DialConnection can help. It’s a new application that can assess performance across your entire contact center operation. It reports performance indicators from a variety of viewpoints including by agent, campaign and channel. It allows you to easily filter and access information and then present it in easy to understand graphics display that can be shared across the organization, from agents to executives.

Data Analytics helps you spot trends to continuously make adjustments to your staffing and operations, and leverage new opportunities as they arise in the market.

DialConnection has met all of the requirements placed on them by us as well as our clients. They have become an extension of our IT staff and are a valued partner in all our business ventures.Maureen Peterson, President and COO of Ceannate

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Contact us today to learn about the critical insights your contact center can benefit from by enhancing data collection and implementing it to improve results and outputs. Our Data Analytics solution spots trends and shows information from various viewpoints to achieve peak performance.