Compliance Solutions for Call Centers

The key to successful call center compliance management is an effective, dynamic management system based on strict call center compliance standards. As an industry leader, DialConnection offers several options that can assist you in your compliance efforts.

Mobile Compliance with MobileComply

Designed specifically to meet the compliance guidelines of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), DialConnection’s Mobile Comply ensures that phone numbers are never randomly dialed, never stored on a dialer, and that each call is initiated by an available agent. Not only does this help you maintain compliance, but it also ensures there’s no dead air for your customers. By leaving out the sequential and predictive dialing, MobileComply is a call center monitoring software that helps you meet all of your compliance goals.

MobileDirect for Discrete Messaging

In today’s busy world, it’s becoming more difficult to get in touch with your customers. But with MobileDirect from DialConnection, you can communicate with your customers or account holders in a way that is non-intrusive and private. This technology allows you to leave a voice mail message without their phone ever ringing. Not only do you get the benefit of avoiding interrupting their day, but this voice mail drop service is a useful tool for delivering cell phone messages.

Third Party System Integration

When it comes to maintaining compliance, you need a software solution that easily adapts to the systems you already have in place. More than that, you need a solution that can take on-the-fly changes, such as removing an inactive contact number from any queued campaigns as soon as the change of status is put in place. Integrated to work well with several of the industry’s leading recording systems, DialConnection’s Contact Center suite is easily adaptable to the systems you’re already utilizing, making it an ideal solution for call center compliance management.

Check out the other features of our Contact Center Solution, including reporting, inbound and outbound call management and agent management systems that will make your call center more efficient and more profitable.