3 Ways that an Integrated Call Center Solution Increases Efficiency

Most companies source software solutions from multiple vendors to manage call center operations so they can get the best product for each job. The challenge is selecting solutions that can be integrated together so data is easily shared between each solution and updated accurately and in real time.

Using a contact center solution can help you to increase your business’s efficiency by saving you time, helping you to achieve compliance, and by establishing audit trails.

Save Time

call center To work efficiently, you need a seamless system that can easily give your campaign managers, agents, and supervisors access to all of the information they need in one place when they need it. Your team shouldn’t be burdened with coordinating data from multiple sources before coming up with a plan of action.

In addition to providing you with the right information when you need it, an integrated call center solution can keep your associates on schedule. By having their work queued up ahead of demand, they can easily address their next task without delay.

Achieve Compliance

The FCC continues to add new regulations and rulings that make it more difficult for billing and collections businesses to contact their customers. You have less room than ever for mistakes.

Navigating these regulations is complex enough, and it shouldn’t be made more complicated by systems with data that is not in sync. You need to know that any change in one system will result in the data from other systems being automatically updated without manual intervention. For instance, if a critical piece of consumer data changes in your system of record, you want your call center system to automatically update the information in any queued campaigns that contain that consumer’s data. That helps keep you compliant as well as keeps your team apprised of any recent customer status changes.

Establish Audit Trails

Keeping records accurate and up-to-date is challenging when the information is stored across multiple systems. However, keeping track of every customer contact is important as you plan each new campaign to ensure your actions are compliant with all laws and regulations. In the event of dispute, you need to be able to provide a complete audit trail of every interaction, including how and when you contacted a particular customer. Having the ability to access and aggregate data across multiple systems is key to creating this absolutely necessary audit trail. Not only will this help with an internal compliance review, but it will also help if you are audited for compliance as well.

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