Choosing the Best Contact Center Solution for your Billing and Collection Business

Finding the best contact center solution for your billing and collections business isn’t the easiest task. So what should you look for in the ideal contact center solution for your business?

There are two key vendor capabilities that we suggest you consider when assessing your options: industry knowledge and the scope of services offered.

Industry Knowledge

One of the biggest challenges you face in the billing and collections industry is navigating all of the rules and regulations of the trade. With multiple federal and state agencies impacting legislation, you need a technology partner that understands these challenges and offers a product that can improve your agent productivity and help you maintain compliance.

It’s not enough to simply be knowledgeable about the rules and regulations. The best vendors leverage that knowledge to deliver innovative capabilities and don’t need to scramble to update their systems every time the FCC makes a declaratory ruling. Be sure that they address the range of regulations, from TCPA and CFPB to PCI compliance.

And ask questions about their system’s audit trail capabilities. This is something that you want to understand long before you need to defend your company against a potential lawsuit.

Scope of Services

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In addition to having experience to deal with industry challenges, you want to find a contact center solution that can be tailored to meet your specific contact strategies. So be sure to take a close look at all of the capabilities and services offered by the vendor.

The product first needs to deliver an end-to-end set of capabilities, from easily defining campaigns and handling inbound, outbound, and blended interactions to quality assurance and recordings and post-call analytics. It needs to be flexible to allow you to change campaigns on the fly. It needs to be easily integrated with your system of record so when something in the consumer’s profile changes, that change automatically triggers changes in your campaign files without anyone having to make manual changes.

In the billing and collections business, you often have only one chance to get it right. This means that you can’t afford to make mistakes due to software that isn’t working as quickly as you are to get the job done. So be sure to find a solution that can make changes quickly and apply those changes just as fast.

Also look for a company that provides the implementation and trainings services, integration expertise, and knowledgeable support resources who can advise you on industry best practices and how to get the most out of your solution. No doubt you’ll have questions about how to do something or how to navigate a particular challenge that the solution is designed to remedy. It will be incredibly helpful to have someone on the other end who’s happy to help you through it.

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DialConnection offers a customizable contact center solution for your billing and collections business. Our industry-leading and user-friendly solutions are helping businesses like yours achieve their maximum potential. With a tailored solution from DialConnection, you can reach your goals in record time and rest easy with the confidence that your business is running smoothly.

Contact DialConnection for a call center evaluation where we’ll examine your current systems and processes and help you achieve maximum efficiency.



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